Summer Lessons will be taught at the regular Studio Rate of $40/30 minute lesson.  Lessons cancelled less than 48 hours in advance will be billed.  Please make your selections, email them to me and I will reserve them for your student.  First-come-first-served.  
MON 6/7 WED 6/9  
10:00am Camden 10:00am Victoria
10:30am Hudson 10:30am  
11:00am Janelle 11:00am Christian
11:30am Sarah M 11:30am Araalya
TUE 6/15 THU 6/17
  9:30am Aidan   9:30am Harini
10:00am Victoria 10:00am Jessica
1:00pm Jacob 10:30am Rebecca
1:30pm Janelle 11:00am Sarah M
2:00pm Landon 11:30am Ria
2:30pm Elizabeth Noon Sylvia
3:00pm Omar 2:00pm Omar
3:30pm Andrew 2:30pm Araalya
MON 6/21 FRI 6/25  
  9:30am Aidan   9:30am Araalya
10:00am Elizabeth 10:00am Victoria
1:00pm Janelle 10:30am Sylvia
1:30pm Rebecca 11:00am Aria
2:00pm Jadyn 11:30am Aria
2:30pm Jadyn Noon Ria
3:00pm Arden 2:00pm Omar
3:30pm Camden 2:30pm Araalya
4:00pm Hudson 3:00pm Sarah M
TUE 6/29 THU 7/1  
9:30am Rebecca 1:30pm Araalya
10:00am Victoria 2:00pm Elizabeth
10:30am Emily 2:30pm Christian
11:00am Janelle 3:00pm Omar
11:30am Christian 3:30pm Landon
NOON Sarah W 4:00pm Andrew
MON 7/5 WED 7/7  
10:00am Elizabeth 1:00pm Landon
10:30am Jadyn 1:30pm Sarah M
11:00am Jadyn 2:00pm Rebecca
11:30am Andrew 2:30pm Sarah W
NOON Aidan 3:00pm Arden
12:30pm Sylvia 3:30pm Jessica
THU 7/15 FRI 7/16
10:00am Victoria 10:00am Andrew
10:30am Ria 10:30am Aidan
1:00pm   11:00am Jameson
1:30pm Archana 11:30am Sylvia
2:00pm Landon 1:00pm Archana
2:30pm Sarah M 1:30pm Sarah W
3:00pm Annika 2:00pm Annika
Mon 7/19 WED 7/21
1:00pm Trisha 1:00pm Victoria
1:30pm Ria 1:30pm Christian
2:00pm Jadyn 2:00pm Trisha
2:30pm Jadyn 2:30pm Rebecca
3:00pm Elizabeth 3:00pm Chaya
3:30pm Sarah M 3:30pm Ripley
FRI 7/23 TUE 7/27  
1:30pm Aria 9:30am Andrew
2:00pm Aria 10:00am Victoria
2:30pm Landon 10:30am Jessica
3:00pm Ripley 11:00am Christian
3:30pm Harini 11:30am Rebecca
4:00pm Erin NOON Araalya
THU 7/29 MON 8/2  
2:00pm Christian 1:00pm Camden
2:30pm Jadyn 1:30pm Hudson
3:00pm Jadyn 2:00pm Sarah M
3:30pm Landon 2:30pm Andrew
4:00pm Chaya 3:00pm Arden
4:30pm Jameson 3:30pm Sarah W
WED 8/4 FRI 8/6  
2:00pm Victoria 1:00pm Emily
2:30pm Jameson 1:30pm Andrew
3:00pm Trisha 2:00pm Trisha
3:30pm Sylvia 2:30pm Rebecca
4:00pm Jacob 3:00pm Chaya
4:30pm Ripley 3:30pm Ripley
MON 8/9 TUE 8/10  
  9:30am Andrew   9:30am Annika
10:00am Jameson 10:00am Victoria
10:30am Sylvia 10:30am Jessica
11:00am Camden 11:00am Rebecca
11:30am Hudson 11:30am Harini
NOON Elizabeth NOON Harini
2:00pm Sarah M 2:00pm Jacob
2:30pm Arden 2:30pm Chaya
3:00pm Ripley 3:00pm Ripley